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🔺MINUS 10% ON THE NEUROGUIDE LIST PRICE !!🔺  ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ðŸ”¼ A s a token of support to our new NeuroTope blog, Dr. Robert Thatcher has granted a 10 % reduction on the list price of his software open to all members of this blog if they order Neuroguide package using the form on the blog.  Please send Your email, name and address and we at NeuroTope will take care of sending the data to Dr. Thatcher and manage Your order . 

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